Teachers on strike!? Yes teachers in Chicago are on strike because of the horrible work conditions and getting underpaid for working in those horrible conditions. I support these teachers because I believe that in order to make kids happy with learning, you have to make the teachers happy with teaching.

             The reason I support these teachers is because the system is corrupt. What I mean by that is that the way these teachers are being evaluated is unfair. It is unfair because most of the time teachers jobs are based on there children’s test scores. My thought on this is how you know that these are not put in horrible teaching environments or stuck with children who just simply don’t want to learn. You don’t fire a doctor because he looses patients due to the lack of supplies or because the hospital is in horrible condition. So what do you do? Well first, you save money and put it aside for the sole purpose of improving the hospital and getting new equipment. You don’t just fire the doctor and hope that the new doctor will do anything, when he is set up to fail. So why would you do the same for teachers? Another reason to support these teachers is because these teachers are not getting paid enough to cover their expenses. How these teachers are suppose to support their families when they are getting cutbacks on their wage. Its even worse when the cost to live in Chicago is going up. It is horrible to live paycheck to paycheck and I believe these teachers should d be treated better.

            This type of neglect to teachers is not only happening in Chicago. Many teachers can’t even strike. In fact it is against the law in some states to strike. I’m glad that these teachers are taking advantage of their privileges. I hope that the teachers succeed and that this sets an example for schools all over the country

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