I am a third generation Paraguayan (highly influenced by American culture). I've always known that I was different from the other ethnic groups. But when I realized that my own ethnic culture was different from other most Hispanic ethnicities, well it really shocked me. Why is that we were speaking the same language but at times they couldn't understand me? They were absolutely clueless when I even tried mentioning Paraguay. How is that they knew what a carne asada is but have no idea what I was talking about when I tell them my dad is making an asado?

      That’s another thing that set me from the rest. It was the food. My dad, my mom, and my grandma would make the best food in the world. You couldn’t find this food anywhere else unless you went to an authentic Paraguayan restaurant. It was my downfall because I ended eating too much of it but I’m working on getting it together in the fitness area.

There’s on one way I wanted to get fit and that was by playing the greatest game in the world. In my opinion, the greatest part of Paraguayan culture was soccer. It’s like a religion over there. I absolutely love the game. I can remember going to my first international Paraguayan soccer game in Paraguay. The people, the players, the whole atmosphere was wonderful. It’s not like here in the “states” where concession stands sell beer and fast food. In Paraguay they sell chipa and te-de-de and empanadas (authentic Paraguayan food). It made me feel so Paraguayan. The only problem is that I like it more here in the United States. Which I believe is the greatest country on Earth and I’m proud to be an American but I know where my roots come from and I’m proud of that too.

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